Draw no Bet (DNB) or the result without a draw in bets is a variant of the outcome with a safety net. It is characterized by low risk and approximately the same coefficients. Therefore, DNB is suitable for beginners. This type of betting is already included in the standard program of every bookmaker, especially for football.

Bet without a draw – what is it?

Draw no Bet is a bet on the victory of one of the participants in the meeting without taking into account a draw. “Draw No Bets” can be compared to “Asian Handicap 0 (AHC 0)”. This is because, in countries outside the European Union, a draw is denoted as 0, not X. That is, this type of bet belongs to the Asian handicapped group. DNB allows you to insure and reduce risks.

Necessary: different bookmakers call this type of bet differently. On the websites of any bookmaker, you can find names, such as “No draw”, and “Draw – money back”. It turns out that if the match ends in a draw, then it’s as if you didn’t make a bet.

When to bet on DNB?

The most relevant bet on the result, not including a draw, is considered to be in matches of equal teams. It is difficult to predict the exact outcome of a meeting of strong opponents. If a bettor is inclined towards the victory of a certain player/team but is not sure about his prediction, it is better to play it safe.

Also, such a bet can be used in meetings with motivated guests. It often happens that the owners of the game are quite satisfied with an equal score (i.e. there is no serious motivation). While their opponents are maximally interested in winning. This is where the DNB for winning the away team will be relevant.

Another promising outcome without a draw is for an outsider. At the end of the season, such teams are included in the game to the maximum and begin to seriously change. In the last games, there is a high probability of them winning or scoring at least an equal number of points.

How to use a bet without a draw?

In this type of bet, the “draw” option disappears, that is, the amount of the bet is returned to your account (as a cashback). Due to the lack of a third outcome, you are more likely to win. To use a no-draw bet, you need to select the event you want to bet on and select the “bet no draw” option in the bet menu. You then select the team you want to bet on and bet on that team to win. If the team wins, you get your profit. If the game ends in a draw, your bet is returned.

Exodus Benefits

One of the main advantages of a no-tie bet is that it allows players to protect their bets from draws. Draws can be very frustrating for bettors who are betting on a team to win, and betting no draws allows them to avoid this risk.

Another benefit of a No Tie bet is that it allows players to get higher odds on their favorites. This is because bookmakers are trying to attract more bets on the favorites by offering higher odds on no-tie bets. This means that you can earn higher profits if you bet on the team that is the favorite in the match.


Due to the high chance of winning and minimal risk, this type of betting has become popular throughout the European market. As you know, there are very few matches that end in a draw. Also, this type of bet reduces the risk of multiple bets. If a draw is implied, then this is an excellent way of insurance. Be careful because the odds are very different from the usual ones – don’t forget to compare them! A good alternative is a 2-way bet. The odds are lower here – but in the event of a tie, you can win, not just get your stake back.

It makes sense to bet on a result without a draw in the following situations:

  • A meeting of a strong team that has lost its condition and a strong middle peasant. Betting will reduce the risks associated with a draw and allow you to raise good money if the underdog wins.
  • A battle between teams that average 0.5-0.8 goals per match.
  • Average quotes are set for the game, and the “Draw no bet” odd is only slightly lower than the coefficient of the main outcome.
  • This bet is also shown to players who constantly lose money due to “drawing matches”.


Betting No Draw is an easy and convenient way to protect your bets from draws in football and other sports where draws can occur. It allows players to get higher odds on favorites and avoid the risk of draws. If you’re a sports bettor, a no-tie bet can be a useful tool to protect your bets.