How to win millions in betting

Everyone who bets on sports in practice is looking for a way to win a million at a bookmaker. However, not everyone succeeds, and the key problem in this is the lack of a concrete idea of their winnings, as well as the lack of tools to achieve the goal. Simply put, the players simply do not understand what they need to do to systematically move toward the completion of the task. Therefore, let’s talk in detail about how to set yourself a goal of winning a million in a bookmaker’s office and, most importantly, how to achieve it.

Have there been cases of win?

No matter how often we hear about continuous losses of bookmaker players, many bettors really blow up the betting market. You can constantly see stories about fantastic winnings and unprecedented luck on YouTube videos. But, if you rely only on the accompanying luck, there is a risk of losing much more than a million before you win it. Therefore, you should not rely on chance – it is quite possible to win a million in a bookmaker’s office with the help of simple actions, but still hard work and we will talk about this in more detail.

What is the key to success?

A responsible approach to work is the most important thing. A capper must be disciplined and always analyze. The ability to conduct a good thorough analysis is a key character trait for any forecaster. It often happens that even in the absence of knowledge about a certain sport and the alignment of forces of teams, a capper can calmly, based on the analysis of statistical indicators, decompose any game and make it profitable for himself. However, these situations are more often of a one-time nature – after all, having the proper level of knowledge about the participants in the match and the specifics of the game is often the decisive factor in determining the winning bet.

The second interesting point is financial management. If your goal is to earn a million rubles on the bookmaker, then, in this case, you must clearly understand what stages your gameplay should be divided into to achieve the goal, and also understand how much time it will take you approximately. Don’t forget about the initial bank – if you are going to earn an amount that is a hundred times your original bank, then the task will be difficult, but quite doable. The distribution of money for betting is also one of the main components of a successful game.

It is not for nothing that bettors recommend that beginners play strictly according to the percentage of the available banks, and at the same time do not set high denominations for themselves. 5% of the bank for one bet will be more than enough – this is the maximum for beginners. This will allow you to place many bets within the same day, a week if successful, and longer periods. With this approach, you will gradually delve into the game, understand it better, and begin to prevent mistakes better – all this will gradually lead to a more productive game, the growth of the game bank, and approaching the cherished goal.

How to win millions in BK – tips and recommendations

When earning a million, you must be clearly aware that you have a starting line and an end goal. In the first case, this refers to your game bank, in the second – the earned million. As a rule, the starting line really should not be a hundred times lower than the final goal, and at the same time, when the goal is reached, it is worth stopping immediately and continuing the game in a different format – for a new bank and new money. And even if you see from the very beginning that the idea is starting to fail, a series of losing bets have been issued – in no case should you despair. Stick to your plan further – even if it will take longer to achieve the goal, then deviation from the standards of the game will inevitably lead you to failure.

It turns out that you need to adhere to the four pillars of the right game:

  • Match analytics.
  • Excellent knowledge of the chosen sport.
  • High-quality money management and strict adherence to it.
  • The memory of having an end goal.

It will be important to keep statistics of your predictions and see in what types of outcomes you squander, and in which passes you have more. Try to play in the same championship, if you are well-versed in it – this will be an additional plus for you because it will be much easier to analyze these matches. Make time cutoffs for yourself – for example, in a month you should be closer to your goal by 35%, in two – by 65%, etc. To make a million at the Bookmaker, having such checkpoints will only help you focus on the goal and encourage you to play more successfully with negative drawdowns.

What is GG/NG in bets?

In this article, we will consider the bets: both will score and his mirror will both score – no. In what cases is it better to use one or another option to be in the black at a distance?

What is this

The name of the bet “both teams to score” speaks for itself. If both teams score in a hockey or football match, namely, in these sports, this bet option is the most popular, then the forecast for both teams to score is successful. If one of the opponents does not score, or no one scores, then NG enters.

Note that due to the higher performance in hockey, the coefficient for the exchange of pucks is usually low. But in football, the coefficient on GG / NG ranges from 1.60 to 2.10. Due to the low odds on the bet, both will score in hockey, we suggest that you stop with this betting option for football matches.

Different football leagues have different results. Therefore, before you start making such bets, it is important to conduct at least a superficial analysis of the league.

Designation and types of bets on “both teams to score” at bookmakers

Yes, there are varieties in this market. There are two main ones. This is GG – yes and NG – no. Yes – this is when each of the teams scores at least one goal during the match. More is possible, less is not. Then the bet will fail.

No – this is when the match ended in a draw with a score of 0:0 or one of the teams won and did not concede. 1:0, 0:1, 2:0, 0:2. And even 10:0 – all this will ensure a win.

Many betting companies are constantly expanding their lines and combining the “both to score” market with other outcomes. The most popular format bets are “bet + outcome”, as well as “bet + total”. Let’s take a closer look at some of the options.

You say that the first team will win, but at the same time, both will score, that is, 2:1, 3:1, 5:2 – any such score will lead to success.

Both will score and the first team will not lose. Here the player will be satisfied with any effective draw or victory of the first team, provided that both sides score. 1:1, 2:1, 2:2 and so on.

Here, there must be a victory for one of the teams, there should not be a draw. Well, the classic “both teams will score.” 2:1, 1:2, 3:2, 1:3 and so on.

You bet that both teams will score and there will be at least three goals in the match. That is, 1:1 or 3:0 will not suit you, but 2:2, 2:1, or 1:3 is a victory!

Again, both teams must score, but no more than three goals in total. Here the options are limited to 1:1, 2:1, or 1:2 outcomes. All other results will be lost for this bet.

The most popular sport for both to score bets is football. Odds for the classic market in it fluctuate around 1.70-1.80. You can bet on OZ in hockey, but there the coefficient will be around 1.20 because the average performance is much higher. But here you can try to catch a goal drought of one of the teams, then the coefficient will be much higher.

When is the best time to bet?

This type of bet focuses on goals scored. It is quite logical that they should not be concluded in cases where the maximum that fans can expect from the teams participating in the event is defensive football.

The state of affairs should be analyzed taking into account the statistics of the teams – the number of goals scored by each of them, the number of goals conceded, the results in matches against rivals of similar skill levels, etc.

The strategy of playing on such bets implies the fact that the bettor will choose teams with a clear imbalance in the direction of attack – teams that consistently score goals, but at the same time often concede goals to their net.

Before making GG/NG bets, you need to focus on the following factors:

  • Good performance, confirmed by statistics.
  • A pronounced bias in tactics towards the attack.
  • Motivation in the tournament (if it is absent, then the team will have no desire to score goals – it will only defend its own goal).
  • The presence of good attackers in the composition, their absence of disqualification, and injuries.
  • A thorough check of why the team concedes goals – due to an injury to the defender or is it a standard tactic for them on the field.

Experienced bettors do not advise abusing such bets in matches between top-level teams that can not only attack well but also defend with dignity.

You can determine the favorite and outsider of the match at such rates by studying the odds offered by the betting company. You should also operate in the analysis process with the information obtained in the forecasting section. It is very useful to take into account the opinion of professionals on this matter – they tend to analyze data that inexperienced bettors would not even pay attention to.

What is DNB in betting

Draw no Bet (DNB) or the result without a draw in bets is a variant of the outcome with a safety net. It is characterized by low risk and approximately the same coefficients. Therefore, DNB is suitable for beginners. This type of betting is already included in the standard program of every bookmaker, especially for football.

Bet without a draw – what is it?

Draw no Bet is a bet on the victory of one of the participants in the meeting without taking into account a draw. “Draw No Bets” can be compared to “Asian Handicap 0 (AHC 0)”. This is because, in countries outside the European Union, a draw is denoted as 0, not X. That is, this type of bet belongs to the Asian handicapped group. DNB allows you to insure and reduce risks.

Necessary: different bookmakers call this type of bet differently. On the websites of any bookmaker, you can find names, such as “No draw”, and “Draw – money back”. It turns out that if the match ends in a draw, then it’s as if you didn’t make a bet.

When to bet on DNB?

The most relevant bet on the result, not including a draw, is considered to be in matches of equal teams. It is difficult to predict the exact outcome of a meeting of strong opponents. If a bettor is inclined towards the victory of a certain player/team but is not sure about his prediction, it is better to play it safe.

Also, such a bet can be used in meetings with motivated guests. It often happens that the owners of the game are quite satisfied with an equal score (i.e. there is no serious motivation). While their opponents are maximally interested in winning. This is where the DNB for winning the away team will be relevant.

Another promising outcome without a draw is for an outsider. At the end of the season, such teams are included in the game to the maximum and begin to seriously change. In the last games, there is a high probability of them winning or scoring at least an equal number of points.

How to use a bet without a draw?

In this type of bet, the “draw” option disappears, that is, the amount of the bet is returned to your account (as a cashback). Due to the lack of a third outcome, you are more likely to win. To use a no-draw bet, you need to select the event you want to bet on and select the “bet no draw” option in the bet menu. You then select the team you want to bet on and bet on that team to win. If the team wins, you get your profit. If the game ends in a draw, your bet is returned.

Exodus Benefits

One of the main advantages of a no-tie bet is that it allows players to protect their bets from draws. Draws can be very frustrating for bettors who are betting on a team to win, and betting no draws allows them to avoid this risk.

Another benefit of a No Tie bet is that it allows players to get higher odds on their favorites. This is because bookmakers are trying to attract more bets on the favorites by offering higher odds on no-tie bets. This means that you can earn higher profits if you bet on the team that is the favorite in the match.


Due to the high chance of winning and minimal risk, this type of betting has become popular throughout the European market. As you know, there are very few matches that end in a draw. Also, this type of bet reduces the risk of multiple bets. If a draw is implied, then this is an excellent way of insurance. Be careful because the odds are very different from the usual ones – don’t forget to compare them! A good alternative is a 2-way bet. The odds are lower here – but in the event of a tie, you can win, not just get your stake back.

It makes sense to bet on a result without a draw in the following situations:

  • A meeting of a strong team that has lost its condition and a strong middle peasant. Betting will reduce the risks associated with a draw and allow you to raise good money if the underdog wins.
  • A battle between teams that average 0.5-0.8 goals per match.
  • Average quotes are set for the game, and the “Draw no bet” odd is only slightly lower than the coefficient of the main outcome.
  • This bet is also shown to players who constantly lose money due to “drawing matches”.


Betting No Draw is an easy and convenient way to protect your bets from draws in football and other sports where draws can occur. It allows players to get higher odds on favorites and avoid the risk of draws. If you’re a sports bettor, a no-tie bet can be a useful tool to protect your bets.

Top 5 betting sites in Nigeria

The gambling industry in Nigeria is now rapidly developing and growing, accelerating all the time. More and more sites offer residents to bet or gamble. But which institution should be trusted, and which one should never be visited? This article presents the top five betting sites with excellent functionality, payout guarantee, reliability, and security.

Key identifiers for a good company

The following are some of the criteria by which BC should be judged.

There are several factors that you need to pay close attention to:

  • Availability of assortment. On a good site, there are always a lot of bets on various sports games and competitions. Many companies do not limit themselves and open an online casinos of the same name.
  • Customer focus. The bookmaker must offer promotions, bonuses, and other pleasant surprises so that the player chooses their resource.
  • Attractive, fairly high, and competitive odds.
  • The presence of a mobile application that works stably on any operating system.
  • Simplicity and ease of use not only on a computer, but also on small devices (smartphones, tablets, and so on).
  • A lot of opportunities to quickly and conveniently withdraw your honestly earned funds.
  • Polite, impeccable technical support, and full customer support.
  • Each person, based on these characteristics and their preferences, will be able to choose the most suitable site for sports betting in Nigeria.

Large selection of betting sites

For everything to go as it should, you first need to carefully study the issue and select several options for betting sites. This article contains five of the best resources according to users who left their opinion and outlined the main advantages.

First and Best

Betway is the most popular betting site in Nigeria and worldwide. Whatever sport you prefer, whatever match you are looking forward to, any sporting event can be found on

This bookmaker is known not only in Nigeria but also won the hearts of players around the world. The site gained such popularity because it has a lot of advantages and pluses:

  • A huge number of sporting events and types of competitions that you can bet on.
  • An excellent reputation earned by honest work and care for their customers.
  • The presence of a convenient, modern, adapted to all screens and systems of a mobile application.
  • The best bonuses, especially for signing up a welcome.

Simplicity and reliability – Surebet

Many people choose bookmaker Surebet for a standard, understandable, and always stable set of sports, which includes the most beloved in Nigeria: football, tennis, and basketball. Also, players are attracted by an improved welcome bonus received for the first deposit in the amount of 100% of the deposited amount. It should be noted that you can enter and play here only upon reaching the age of eighteen.

What are the benefits for users in Surebet? A lot of them:

  • Excellent odds and the availability of bets in the super mode “Live”.
  • A mobile application created for players that is compatible not only with smartphones but also with tablets.
  • Quick response customer support service, which works around the clock and seven days a week.
  • Many options for withdrawing winnings to your bank or another account.

Universal Bookmaker

Many people choose bookmaker Surebet for a standard, understandable, and always stable set of sports, which includes the most beloved in Nigeria: football, tennis, and basketball. Also, players are attracted by an improved welcome bonus received for the first deposit in the amount of 100% of the deposited amount. It should be noted that you can enter and play here only upon reaching the age of eighteen.

Stability and versatility for you

Another favorite of Nigerians and players from all over the globe is the MelBet bookmaker. These guys work hard, which makes them the unrivaled leader in this field. Here you will find the widest selection of sports betting, including the most unusual, exotic, and rare. Many clients come for an incredibly cool bonus, which is as much as 300% of the deposit! There is no cooler site in the world since it is impossible to briefly describe all the advantages of a bookmaker.

Great opportunities and great prospects

Do not think that we have listed all the “oldies” of the betting world. For the past fifteen years, the 888Sport company has been pleasing its players with impeccable service, timely payments, and other chic conditions on its betting site. An impeccable reputation, high odds, as well as a host of other advantages await all fans of excitement:

  • A wide line of gambling.
  • Modern mobile application for all kinds of devices.
  • Uninterrupted operation of resources for round-the-clock entertainment of players.
  • Availability of Live broadcasts.