SD Card Can’t Be Read by PC or Phone? How to Fix It

SD Card Can’t Be Read by PC or Phone? How to Fix It
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Today SD card is widely used in our daily life. Despite the convenience SD card brings to us, there are times your SD card is not reading.  Today we would like to share some useful tips and solutions with you on this point.

Computer Not Reading SD Card

computer not reading SD card

If your SD card cannot be read by computer, you had better analyze whether it is successfully recognized by your computer.

So first of all, press Windows logo key + R and then type diskmgmt.msc in the run box. Click Enter to get into the main interface of Windows Disk Management.

Now observe the disk layout and see if your SD card is listed there or not.

If you cannot find you SD card there, you need to do the followings:

  1. Check if your SD card is tightly connected to the SD card reader.
  2. Connect the SD card using another USB port on the computer.
  3. Connect the SD card with another SD card reader.
  4. Restart your computer and then reconnect the SD card.
  5. Connect the SD card with another computer to know if there is something wrong with your PC.
  6. Update the driver using the available updates from your SD card reader’s manufacturer.

If doing the above does not help much in resolving computer not reading SD card, your SD card is likely to get damaged.

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However, if your SD card is listed in Disk Management, things are much more different. Your SD card may have some logical issues to be fixed. And what you need to check are:

  1. Whether the SD card has a drive letter or not.
  2. If the SD card has a normal file system.
  3. Whether the SD card has hidden files or not.
  4. Is the SD card read only or write protected.

If it is proved that the SD card just has everything going smoothly, you need to take cation to get your key files recovered from the not reading SD card.

Find a reliable data recovery software online and then install it on your PC, select the SD card as the target to deep scan, preview the data recovery results and then save the key files to a save location.

Here is the details on SD card data recovery.

When you have saved the important files from the SD card, you had better do the following two things:

1. Format the SD card.

Press the Windows logo key + X to get the power user menu and then choose Disk Management.  Then from the disk map, right-click on the partiton of the SD card and choose Format from the context menu. Follow the wizard and choose FAT32 or NTFS as the target files system accroding to your need.

2. Run CHKDSK on the SD card.

To do this, press the Windows logo key + R key to get the Run dialog box. Then type cmd in the dialog box and hit Ctrl + Enter to run it as admin.

Now in the elevated command prompt window, type chkdsk driveletter /f /r /x and press Enter. Example: type “chkdsk E: /f /r /x” without quotes.

If doing the above still helps nothing, you may need to get another SD card instead.

Phone Not Reading SD Card

phone not reading SD card

Today Micro SD card is still popular and is widely used on smart phones, such as on Samsung Galaxy and Huawei Mate, to increase the internal storage at lower cost. Sometimes, the phone is not reading SD card. at this time, what should you do?

Here is the quick fix to cope with different causes:

  1. The SD card is loosely connected. Power off your phone, reconnect the SD card and then restart the phone to have a check.
  2. The SD chip is dirty. Look at the metal part of the SD card, is there any spot on it? If that is the case, clean the SD card gently using a cotton swab with alcohol.
  3. The SD card is formatted improperly. To get it fixed, connect the SD card to a computer and check what file system it is now applying. Reformat it to the file system that your phone requires it to be.
  4. The SD card gets virus or spyware infected. In this situation, recover data from SD card and then reformat the SD card.
  5. The SD card is damaged. If the SD card refuse to show up in the phone or computer, that card is likely to get damaged, and you have to replace that SD card.
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Wrapping Things up

SD card not reading is annoying but you do have some approaches to get it fixed. Follow the guide in this article and try to fix your SD card if you are having the same issue.

If you have any nice suggestion, also feel free to leave us comment to help other users.