Samsung SSD Software: Samsung Magician & Data Migration Software

Samsung SSD Software: Samsung Magician & Data Migration Software
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Looking for reliable Samsung SSD software? Then the following official Samsung SSD software won’t let you down.

Samsung Magician

Samsung Magician is very powerful in Samsung hard drive management. This tool is designed to keep an eye on the drive health and data protection of Samsung SSD.

Samsung Magician

The first sight on the main interface brings you explicit hint on what it can deal with. Simply put, Samsung Magician is professional in:

  1. Displaying all your Samsung SSD information, including hard drive model, serial number, used and unused disk space on each partition, drive health, disk benchmark results,  your system information, and more.
  2. Checking a Samsung SSD performance on read/write speed.
  3. Improving the performance and lifetime of the SSD.
  4. Secure erasing the SSD.
  5. Encrypting the SSD and decrypting the drive whenever necessary.

Beware that this Samsung SSD software only works with Samsung 470 Series, 750 Series, 830 Series, 840 Series, 850 Series, 860 Series, 950 Series, 960 Series and 970 Series. If you are a user of the above SSD models, you are strongly recommended to give it a kick.

Samsung Magician Download

Samsung Data Migration

Samsung Data Migration is simple and clear software specially designed for Samsung SSD for data migration. This program also works with limited Samsung SSD modules no matter they are used as the source drive or the target drive.

Samsung Data Migration

Samsung Data Migration software can clone the operating system without reinstalling. Besides, it can clone multiple volumes each time (at most 3 volumes) to save your effort. Today’s market also witnessed a bunch of OS migration software to help clone hard drives with easy steps. Such software can work with SSDs from of all manufactures. To clone Samsung SSD to other drives, you can use best free partition software.

Samsung Data Migration Download

Samsung SSD Firmware Update Utility

The Samsung SSD Firmware Update Utility is to update firmware on specific Samsung SSD’s connected to your computer. Samsung may provide new firmware to improve its SSD performance, compatibility, or user environment. For Samsung SSD users, they had better update the firmware of your Samsung SSD whenever the latest firmware version is released.

Please go Samsung website to look for appropriate firmware update utility. Be careful when you are updating the firmware. A good SSD backup is always a good for data loss during the firmware update. In this way, all data stored on the Samsung SSD won’t get affected even the update fails

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