Microsoft Edge VS Chrome: Design, Performance, Security and More

Microsoft Edge VS Chrome: Design, Performance, Security and More
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Edge VS Chrome on Design

First of all, let’s start with the most obvious feelings when using Edge and Chrome. Both of them are based on the Chromium open-source browser so they have a lot of things in common. For example, the locations of the address/search bar, the bookmarks, the add-ons, user account and settings are all the same. 

There is a big difference in the main page, of course. Edge uses Bing as the default search engine and Chrome uses Google. Edge adds Microsoft 365 tools on the main page, combining the weather forecast and news for walks of life. Luckily, you can make the changes according as you preferred. By contrast, Google is much cleaner.

Chrome main page
Edge main page

Edge VS Chrome on Performance

Chrome VS Edge in performance does not have any advantage. They all works fast and stable. But Edge does have one performance outstanding, that is memory usage. In essence, Edge uses less memory, so users will feel a better overall computer performance with Edge.

If your computer memory is low, you can have a try on the new Chromium Edge.

Download Edge
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Chrome VS Edge on Syncing

Chrome syncs every aspect of browser, ranging from password, history, bookmarks and more. Chrome is variable on computer, smartphone and tablets, and the flexible syncing makes it more popular an all devices. Here is a picture showing what data it can sync:

data Chrome can sync

But for Edge, you can clearly see that the data to sync are less than Chrome can do. For instance, the History and Open tabs sync is not ready yet on Edge. If you switch devices often, you realize its inconvenience.

data Edge can sync

From the perspective of Sync, Chrome prevails.

Chrome VS Edge on Privacy and Security

While in Privacy and Security, Edge is doing much better. In Edge settings, you can see the three options for tracking prevention. Balanced is the default setting but you can switch to Strict to prevent more. But be aware that this may lead to some websites going abnormal.

privacy settings in Edge

Chrome, on the other hand, is limited to block third-party cookies. Anyway, although Edge and Chrome are good enough to identify dangerous websites, downloads, and extensions, you may still need to hang out to install third-party blockers as extensions for ultimate security.

privacy settings on Chrome

Chrome VS Edge on Extensions

Chrome installs extensions from Chrome Web Store while Edge adds extensions from Edge Add-ons. An advantage of Edge is that this browser allows you to use extensions from other stores. In my trying, I can easily add the extensions from Chrome; it is just about Sync and Enable. 

Overall, it does not make sense for you to sticking on using Chrome as the default Brower. Microsoft Edge is also elegant and uses less resource.

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