Is Discord Down? Current Status and Problems

Is Discord Down? Current Status and Problems
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Discord is experiencing an outage

discord outages

Discord down reports are flooding, with users reporting connection problems and receiving a connecting no route error message.

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Statistics shows that the Discord down issues are mainly affecting users in the US, the Europe and parts of the UK. Check out what the affected users are discussing most on the social networking site Twitter:

“Discord is down again.”

“Discord is going down.”

“Why is Discord always down?”

“Did Discord just go down?”

“Is discord down for anyone else?”

Is Discord down?

In fact, Discord outages several times every month. (Click here to check out the history of Discord service outages.) Each time Discord is down, users set off a heated discussion.

Facing the hot debate, the official Discord Twitter account usually announce that engineers are looking into the issue. The site says: “Discord is currently impacted by an upstream issue with Cloudflare. This appears to be the cause of the elevated error rates. Oncall Engineering will continue to monitor this situation and work to resolve this issue.”

So, Discord outages often but is not down overall.

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Discord Down FAQ

Is Discord down today?

According to its status page, Discord is currently up. To know if Discord is down today, you can follow the link to check the most recent events of Discord outages.

How can I find out if Discord is having issues?

There are two main options. You can either check the Discord status page or you can subscribe to free alerts and notifications tools.

How can I get notified when Discord is not working or having outages?

Some monitor tools can help detect and report you instant alerts by email, SMS, Slack, and more. Find a reliable one online.

Discord status page says the service is up, but I’m having issues. What’s wrong?

Here are the possible reasons:
1. The outage hasn’t been communicated via the Discord status page.
2. Discord service has some issues with a small group of accounts.
3. Issues on your side such as problems or misconfiguration with your software or ISP.

Is Discord down? Discord is currently UP but users are always having issues. Check out the possible reasons. Click to tweet