3 Easy Ways You Must Try to Burn Music to a CD on Windows 10

3 Easy Ways You Must Try to Burn Music to a CD on Windows 10
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Despite the fact that listening to music online is gaining popularity, there are still many users who like to burn their favorite songs to a CD for souvenir purpose. And it would be even better if there is any reliable and free method.

This guide provides you with the most Microsoft certified approaches to burn music to a CD, for free.

3 Ways to Burn Music to CD

In Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player is a straightforward method to burn music to a CD. Despite that Microsoft discontinues Windows Media Player several years ago, you can easily find this program inside Windows 7/8/10. 

Step 1. Insert a blank CD/DVD into the disc drive of your computer. To make a CD/DVD blank, you can refer to this post.

Step 2. Search for Windows Media Player and run it. In the main interface switch to Burn. Now drag the music you want to burn to CD to the appointed section.

drag music to Windows Media Player

Step 3. Pull down the menu at the top right corner and choose Audio CD. Next, click on Start burn.

start burn audios to the CD

Step 4. Now wait for Windows Media Player to finish the burning process. Once finished, the CD will be ejected automaticllay and then you can play msic on the supported devices.

Windows Media Player is burning the music files to CD
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In iTunes

iTunes is another easy program to burn music to a CD. Just follow this guide and you can make it:

Step 1. Connect the CD/DVD drive to your computer and then launch iTunes to get its interface.

Step 2. Next, click File > New > Playlist.

create a playlist in iTunes

Step 3. Now drag and drop the audio files to the Playlist you just created. Hold down the left mouse button to move files, do not release until you see the playlist is lighligthed.

add music files to the new created playlist

Step 4. Now go to File > Burn Playlist to Disc…

locate the path where you can burn the plaist to your CD

Step 5. You will see a pop-up small window, in which you need to ensure that the Disc Format is Audio CD and there is gap time between each song.  Finally, you can click the Burn button.

choose Audio CD as the target disk format

Step 6. Wait for iTunes to finish bruning music to CD. You can view the progress at the top of the program.

iTunes is burning the music file to CD

Using free music burning software

Free music burning software is also a great assistant. Such kind of software always comes with cleaner interface, more burning functions and more audio formats supported. Searching online we can find many recommended tools. CDBurnerXP is one of the suggested.

If you are interested, you can follow the brief introduction to give it a try.

To burn music files to a CD using this software, you just need to focus on the Audio disc sections. First of all, insert the CD drive to your computer and make sure it is successfully recognized by this program. Next, add the music files to the list. Finally, click Burn and set up the required.

choose Audio disc in CDBurnerXP
add audio files to the list and then start the burning
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