How to Burn a CD on Windows 10 & How to Rewrite DVD-RW

How to Burn a CD on Windows 10 & How to Rewrite DVD-RW
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CDs and DVDs are still used to save files in many cases. Before you can add files to a CD/DVD drive, first of all, you need to burn CD to make it readable when applied in different devices.

Here we are to talk about how to burn a CD drive in Windows operating system, and we use Windows 10 to show you the whole detailed process.

How to burn a CD on Windows 10

Insert a blank disc to the CD drive. Once connected successfully, you will be prompted with the following burn options:

two options for you burn a CD in Windows 10

Next, we show you how to go trough both options without any difficulty.

Option 1: Like a USB flash drive

Step 1. Select Like a USB flash drive and then click Next to continue.

Step 2. Windows will send you a message saying the formatting can take a long time. Click Yes to start the formatting process.

confirm you want to format the CD

Step 3. All you need is to wait until Windows finished everything.

Window is formatting the CD disc

When you CD/DVD is has been formatted, you will be led and prompted to add files to this disc.

drag files to the disc

Option 2: With a CD/DVD player

Step 1. Click With a CD/DVD player to continue. Immedicatedly you will be aksed to saved some files to this disc. Just drag and drop some files you need and save them there. Copy and paste also works.

Step 2. Now stay in the disc, go to the ribbon of File Explorer, click Drive Tools and then Finish burning.

click Finish buring option to invoke the burning option

Step 3. In the now emerging window, give your disc a title (or we can also call it disc label), choose a fast-recording speed if available and then click Next to continue.

give your disc a title and choose a recording speed to contine

Step 4. Just wait for Windows to finish burning the disc for you.

Windows is bruning the CD/DVD to work with CD player

When finished, your disc will be ejected automatically and then you can take it out and then play the disc on supported devices.

you have successfully burned your fils to the disc

How to rewrite a DVD-RW

DVD-RW discs are rewritable. How to erase such discs and rewrite new files to the media? Follow the simple guidance below:

Step 1. Open the used DVD-RW drive in Windows 10 and then go to Drive Tools > Erase this disc.

choose erase this disc in File Explorer menu

Step 2. Windows will do everything for you, so just wait patiently.

Windows is erasing files on the rewritable disc

You will be prompted when the erase is completely successfully. Now you can trat over to burn a CD drive on Windows 10, or you can also burn music to a CD drive.

the disc is erased successfully
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