How to Extend Partition in Windows 10 with Easy Tricks

How to Extend Partition in Windows 10 with Easy Tricks
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Windows 10 is now the most popular desktop operating system in the world, and users have more demands to manage hard drives in Windows 10 than ever. Among these demands, how to migrate Windows 10 and how to extend partition in Windows 10 have top priority.

To migrate Windows 10, feel free to read our previous post: How to Migrate Windows 10 to SSD. Today, we are to share the best way to extend partition in Windows 10.

How to extend partition Windows 10?

Usually, we have 2 free options:

  1. Go to Disk Management which offers multiple options for us to manage internal/external hard drives.
  2. If the extend volume option is greyed out, then use a third-party software.

Windows was endowed with a set of features aiming to resolve most commonly occurred Windows issues. To extend partition, you can go to Disk Management to have a try.

Here is how to do this in Windows 10:

  1. Right click on the Windows start icon and choose Disk Management. In some Windows version you are unable to find this option, then you can search for Disk Management to access. 
  2. Now you see a window displaying your disk information including all partitions, drive letter, file system, partition size, unallocated space, free space, partition status, etc. Now you are expected to find the partition you want to extend, let’s say partition D: for example.
  3. Next, right click on this partition and view all the available options. If you are able to find a feature called Extend Volume, you can follow the wizard to complete the extending operation.
extend partition Windows 10 using Disk Management

There are possibilities that the Extend Volume leads you to a warning message saying your disk will be converted to dynamic disk. Or you may find the Extend Volume option is grayed out where is no unallocated spaced or free space followed. In this case, it is better to download a reliable partition manager to help you out. Here is a list of free partition manager you can have a try.

Top 10 Partition Software for Windows 10/8/7 (Update 2021)
Top 10 Partition Software for Windows 10/8/7 (Update 2021)

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These programs are working similar. Here I am using Aomei Partition Assistant Standard to show you the working process of extending C drive when there is no unallocated space followed:

From the main interface, it is easy to find the C drive. Then check if there is not any unallocated space at the neighboring left or right side of the C drive. If there is, right click on the C drive and choose Resize/Move Partition to occupy that unallocated space.

But since you are asking help from the third-party software, it is likely that you cannot find the unallocated space. In this case, you will need to make one first of all.

Select the partition after C and also choose Resize/Move Partition. Drag the left end of the partition inward to shrink that partition. Then you get some new unallocated space after the C drive.

shrink D drive to get some unallocated space

Now you are able to extend C drive in Windows 10. Select Partition C and choose Resize/Move Partition, drag the right end of the partition outward to take up the size of the unallocated space.

extend C drive to take up the unallocated space

Finally, confirm you want the operation.

apply all the changes

By doing these, you have successfully extended system partition in Windows 10.

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