What Is Disk Management Windows 10 and How to Use It?

What Is Disk Management Windows 10 and How to Use It?
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Disk Management is a very useful tool for Windows users to configure their hard drives. Most of the time, it is used to create new simple volume and format volumes. And sometimes, it helps to extend partition volume without boot issue.

Indeed, there are more useful features and this article is to give you a brief yet clear explanation.

Where is Disk Management Windows 10?

Disk Management has been along with the Windows operating system for a long time. No matter you are running Windows 10, Windows 8.1 or Windows 7, you can find it simple through these approaches:

  • Press Win+R to run “diskmgmt.msc”.
  • From the desktop.Right-click on the computer icon and then go for Manage > Disk Management.
  • Open file explorer. Right-click on the PC icon and then go for Manage > Disk Management.

In Windows 10, you can even find it from the Win+X power user menu. If you are to use it frequently, you can pin Disk Management to the taskbar.

The GUI of Disk Management

First of all, get to know its GUI as shown below:

main interface of Disk Management in Windows 10

The Disk Management tool in Windows can be divided into two sections: the disk layout in the lower part and the detailed info for all the volumes on the upper part. For other preference, feel free to change the display from the View menu.

Windows disk management can process internal/external hard drive and SSD, USB flash drive and SD card, and all disks connected will be given a disk number for better recognition. Please take care that the disk number starts from “0”, which is much different from its similar software in the market.

And to manage the whole disk, right-click on the disk number area to choose an option; to make changes to any volume/unallocated, right-click on the corresponding section and make you selection.

If you hard drive is not showing up there, you can refresh the list or you can relaunch Disk Management Windows 10. Sometimes, you may consider connection or physical issues.

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The things Disk Management is good for?

Disk Management Windows 10 is capable of doing the following things:

For DiskFor Volume (Partition)
Convert to dynamic/basic disk
Convert to MBR/GPT disk
Online/offline a disk
View disk properties
Open the volume
Explore content in the volume
Make volume as Active
Change drive letter and path (mount volume)
Format volume*
Extend/shrink volume*
Add mirror
Create/delete volume*
View volume properties  

While many Windows users are looking for professional partition manager – a more convenient way to manage hard drives in Windows 10, a number of users stick using Windows 10 Disk Management tool to keep their computer running in good condition. Basically, Windows disk management has its own advantages in these aspects:

  1. It helps you make choices when you are creating volumes even if you are not acknowledged of what kind of volume you can create on an MBR disk.
  2. It prevents you from editing some vital volumes like system reserved partition, EFI system partition and recovery partition.
  3. No reboot is required for any kinds of changes.

There are also some fatal flaws:

  1. You will need to delete all the volumes before you can convert a disk to basic/MBR/GPT disk.
  2. You are heavily restricted from taking some free space from partitions not adjacent.
  3. You won’t be able to create or format a big volume to FAT32.

Overall, it is because of such strengths and weakness, Windows 10 users have their own choices based on their requirements on hard drive redistribution. For those who do not have too much demand for storage performance, Windows 10 Disk Management utility is already good enough.

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