Which Kindle Do I Have? 3 Easy Tricks That Must Work!

Which Kindle Do I Have? 3 Easy Tricks That Must Work!
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Kindle is a great e-reader designed by Amazon. Using this pad users can easily browse, download, buy and read e-books, newspapers, magazines via wireless network. Kindle has a rapid product update and the product line has derived a variety of product names. If your Kindle has been used for many years, you are likely to lost count of your Kindle version.

We will explain the detailed steps on how to check “what Kindle do I have”.

Usually, you can find your Kindle information through your device and your order information. Feel free to check your detailed order information if the order was placed by yourself. If you only have the devices, follow the steps below:

Check the back of your Kindle

The most easier checking method you can rely on, is to check the back of your Kindle device. Digital devices always have some significant information printed on the surface of the device. For additional information, remove any case from your Kindle, then focus on the information under the Amazon logo. You should see a model number labeled “Model No“. Google and you know which generation kindle you have.

Check your Kindle settings

Tap the three-line menu located at the top right corner and choose Settings. When you are in the Settings, you can find an item called “Device Info”, which will further display the detailed device information of you Kindle, including WiFi MAC address, Serial Number, Network Capability, Firmware Version, and Free Space Available. Among the info, pay attention to the serial number, because it represents the Kindle version you have. For example, if the serial number starts from “B024”, you have Kindle PaperWhite WiFi version.

Click here to check the full serial number indication.

Check your Kindle’s box

If you still have the packaging box of your Kindle, you can take out that box and have a look. Usually, you can find the digital 16-digit code at the back, bottom, or side of the box. Then check the first 4 codes by going to the site we recommended above to know which Kindle you are using.

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